5 Ways to Make Your “Getting Ready” time smoother on your wedding day!

Hi friends!

After shooting what feels like a million weddings, where almost 100% of the time I start with getting ready photos, I have realized a few things that make this time of the day so much smoother that I wanted to share! I hope these help you during your plan and preparation time! That way on your day of, you don’t have to worry about a thing!

First off, if you didn’t know this, the beginning of a wedding day goes by INCREDIBLY fast!! Its actually crazy how fast! But personally it’s one of my favorite parts of the day. I get to come in and see my brides getting all done up! I finally get to see what their hairstyle will be, what the dress looks like, what all their details look like, and meet all their friends!! Music is usually playing, champaign is usually popped, and its like a little pre-party before they get sent off to marry their best friend!! I come into a wedding day so excited and a little nervous, and this part of the day calms me down and gets me in the zone!! Especially when the following things are done, it makes for a smoother and more relaxes process!

So here we go!

Tip number 1: The week leading up to your big day, start putting all your details in a box. When I say details I mean; jewelry you’re going to wear (earrings, necklace, bracelet, etc.) , your extra wedding invitation suite, your ring box (if you don’t have one I recommend checking out The Mrs. Box! They’re adorable!), your wedding shoes, wedding dress hanger, and anything of sentimental value that you’d have with you that day! You can also add in extra details like pieces of ribbon that go with your color scheme, or old stamps, etc.! Having these things gathered in one place prior to your wedding morning make a HUGE difference. It allows you to relax when I arrive instead of running around gathering everything!

5 ways to make your getting ready time smoother on your wedding day

Tip number 2: Have your bridesmaids steam their dresses and yours earlier that morning! Maybe have it even be one of the first things they do! This ensures that they will be all ready for when I arrive to take some photos of the dresses! Its also nice to have them done before bridesmaids have their hair done! I’ve been in the bridesmaids position a few times now, and that steamer can get hot! I know if my hair is up and has some curls, the steam can sometimes make them fall out! And we definitely want to try and avoid that!

Tip number 3: Timeline planning! About a month out from a wedding I always like to go over the details and a firm timeline! Thats the best time to let your photographer know what’s happening that morning that we may not know about or expect! That way we know how to time it all and make sure we capture it! Things like; if you and your girls will be in matching PJs and want that captured before getting dressed, if you and your groom will be exchanging gifts or letters and want pictures of you opening it/ reading it, and or if you wanted to do a first look with your dad! Knowing all of this helps us to plan and make sure we get it all for you without rushing through it!

I loved these matching PJs!
These socks were so adorable!!

Tip number 4: Whoever you want helping you get dressed and ready, make sure they know they have to be dressed by a certain time (before you)! We want them to be looking good in these photos too! Usually I will ask you who that is, and when I see its almost time to get you dressed, I’ll give them a little heads up! But if they know a little earlier, they won’t feel as rushed and will have time to enjoy it all!

Tip number 5: I feel like this is the most important one!! Because this time of day can go by SUPER fast, give yourself time for hair and makeup!! Hair and makeup artist are usually very good about knowing when they have to be done, BUT things happen! This portion of the day, sets the tone for timeline for the rest of the day. I’ve seen a lot of time be lost and go by because last minute changes were made, or unforeseen things happened! Especially if you have a big bridal party. The best way to avoid all of this, it allow yourself that extra time!

I always tell my brides, as an example if you want to be done by 11:00 and start the getting dressed process, tell your hair and makeup artist you want to be done by 10:30…that gives yourself an extra 30 minutes if there’s anything you’d want to change! Believe me, you’d rather have more time to relax than start loosing time and feeling rushed! Also, make sure you are happy with your hair and makeup trial, so day of there’s no questions about it.

I hope that helps brides to be!! The getting ready part of the day is so much fun!! And I want you to enjoy it as much as possible without feeling rushed and panicked!! And these tips should help with exactly that!



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