my english mastiff Kane, ceramic mugs, big earrings, blue eyeliner, and traveling everywhere!
I'm a cryer during intimate settings of all kinds!
I can't go into a coffee shop without getting an ice coffee with almond milk. Something about that drink comforts me!
I have the biggest sweet tooth (good doughnuts and cupcakes are my weakness!!) 
I love relaxing in spring and fall afternoons just sitting in the warm sun on the deck with a big coffee mug full of ice tea. 

I hope you have your favorite beverage in hand as you take a look around my site! 


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"Working with Keeley was a dream come true for my husband and my wedding/engagement photos. Keeley’s bright and loving energy made my husband and I feel so comfortable, like she was an old friend. For our engagement photos, she researched areas of New Haven that would be cool to shoot at, and took unique, crisp and bright photos. She was so efficient not only taking the pictures, but she also got a sneak peak of our pics within hours and our full gallery within a week or two… incredible! 
Through the year she sent us a thoughtful mini album of our engagement pictures too. On our wedding day, she was simply above average. She was prompt, efficient, and got all the photos that we asked for. Her style of shooting is amazing, and the pictures of our wedding were perfect. I cannot recommend Keeley enough, she was a delight to work with. Not only is she a talented photographer that takes gorgeous and unique pictures, she is also a kind and all around great human"

I'm passionate about capturing images that make you feel beautiful! That allow you to remember the joy you felt that day, and you can't help but light up and smile looking at them! Intimate moments and settings are what I live for. They're filled with sweet authentic moments, that I love to freeze in time, so that you can relive them forever. 


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