One of my best friends and co-workers is my 190# English Mastiff Kane. Something about the sound of his loud snores actually soothes me!

Pottery mugs are my weakness. I've been taking pottery lessons so that I can fill my home with everything pottery!! 

I LOVE traveling! Which is why destination weddings are always a favorite of mine! Exploring new places and cultures inspires me so much! 

I have the biggest sweet tooth! Cupcakes and doughnuts are definitely a weakness! Especially NoRa's Cupcakes in Middletown, Ct!! 

I used to compete at the world level in strongman competitions! I still lift, but these days its less competitions and more so as my "me time"!

important moments for my amazing clients for over 7 years now! 

I got my first camera when I was 3 years old (not a real one!). But started to get more serious about it at age 14.

When I was 14 I mowed a lot of lawns to save up for my very first camera, a 35mm Nikon film camera!

After college, my passion grew! I worked at a photography studio for over 3 years and realized, I wanted to start my own business 

So here I am! Over 6 years later, traveling the world capturing moments for the sweetest people filled with so much joy!! And I wouldn't change a thing!

A little bit






    My faith is very important to me and what keeps me grounded.  God has truly blessed me with this amazing business and He has continually provided every year to keep it going. I wouldn't be doing this without His lead.
He has also gifted me with THE BEST clients ever! I always get asked if I have ever worked with a "bridezilla" and I can honestly say, I haven't! He sends the absolute sweetest people into my life. And for that I am SO GRATEFUL! 

I truly believe I was put on this earth to serve people with a loving and genuine heart. And that's my mission everyday. 
To create an experience for my clients where they feel loved and cared for.  The same way He loves and cares for me.