Nick + Jessica

Saybrook Point Inn || Old Saybrook, Ct

Nick and Jessica had one of the coolest stories of fate I’ve ever heard! Nick had spotted Jessica at the gym a few times and grew some interest for her every time he’d see her! A few weeks later, both Nick and Jessica were set up on blind dates….WITH EACH OTHER! How crazy is that?!! Whats even crazier (this is what really got me)…as kids Nick, Jessica, and their families used to go and play at THE SAME BEACH!! LIKE WHAT?! If that’s not fate, I don’t know what is!! I find stories like this so powerful! It’s one of the reasons why I love what I do. I get to hear about the amazing ways that people found one another, and how much they are truly meant to be! Each and every one is always so different. Even if they may seem like a similar way or path…It’s always unique and special to them! And it’s the start of their incredible journey together.

Jessica and Nick’s day at Saybrook Point Inn ended up being so beautiful too. The weather called for rain on and off. which it did start to rain for a little while Jessica and Nick were getting ready. But then the rain stopped right before the ceremony was going to being and didn’t start again till right before reception giving us just enough time to get their portraits done! A photographer’s dream if you ask me!! Jessica’s shoes and details were also a photographer’s dream! Ugh, just look how beautiful they are! I love me some good bridal details, especially a good pair of shoes like hers!!

Nick and Jessica, you two are seriously just the sweetest. So laid back, so kind, and so loving with one another! Thank you both so much for allowing me to serve you two on your wedding day!!

xoxo Keeley

Just look at these beauties!!
Look how cute they are!!
LOVED this reception room!!

Vendors included!

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