Herman + Kena

Lakeview Restaurant | Coventry, CT

Where do I even start with these two?! I know Herman and Kena from one go the gyms I go to! They are both competitive liters in strongman and powerlifting! And they’re just two of my favorite people!! I love how funny and laid back they are! Every time I’m with them its usually a lot of joking around and laughing! And when they asked me about shooting their wedding, I was ecstatic! I knew their day would just be the best!

Kena and Herman have been together for 6 years! They met at a crossfit gym (which is just so cute!) and Kena decided to start texting Herman, wanting to get to know him. And the rest is history! I love how much of a team they are. Always there for one another, supporting anything they do! I love how loving and supportive their family and friends are! Their day was so heartfelt and filled with speeches that I couldn’t help but cry at!

Their day was also filled with the most amazing performances!! Their family had prepared songs to sing and dances! I don’t think I’ve ever been in a room with that much talent!! Of all ages too!! They did a couple Philippine cultural dances too, which was amazing! I’m always all for seeing new things like that! And then they also did a few outstanding hip hop dances! I realized my arm flailing dance moves aren’t cutting it anymore!! I need to learn their dancing ways!! I think one of my favorite performances was a singing performances that suddenly and surprisingly turned into a dance to Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up! It was hilarious and just so so good!!

Kena and Herman, I had the greatest time at your wedding!! You guys are the best and I loved getting to capture your day!! I wish you two so much happiness!! <3 Keeley

I love Herman’s reaction during their first look!!
Kena had a wooden bouquet! How cool is that?!
Kena’s favorite color is orange! So naturally that had to be included in their wedding colors!
Love this one of them!!
Look how cute they are!

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