Tim & Stacey

G Fox Ballroom|| Hartford, Ct

One of the things I loved best about Stacey and Tim’s wedding day, was seeing how close their families were. A bride walking down the isle is always such a powerful moment. And you’d think as a photographer, witnessing this moment over and over doesn’t affect me as much. But seeing how loved Stacey and Tim were and all the teary eyes as Stacey walked down, made it all even more powerful. To where I even started to get teary eyed watching her and all of their reactions to her walking to Tim!!

Stacey and Tim had their first look at the Hartford City Hall and then had their ceremony and reception at the G Fox ballroom right down the road! The City Hall was so elegant and classic inside! I loved that we had the whole place to ourselves for their first look! It was perfect!! The G Fox Ballroom was equally as beautifully with a little bit of retro design touches that just reminded me of the 1920’s!

I think what I love about Tim and Stacey most, is how relaxed and go with the flow they were on their day! Even when their ceremony candles fell after being lit, they didn’t freak out at all! Quite the opposite! They both laughed and Stacey asked if anyone got that on camera!! LOL! I just love them! You could tell they kept in mind that the most important thing for them that day was getting to be with their friends and family and marry the love of their life! Especially because I think its easy to get stressed and caught up in all the planning of the day and forget whats truly important, and I could tell Stacey and Tim didn’t forget it for one second.

Stacey and Tim, thank you for letting me be part of your day and capturing it all! You guys are so sweet and so much fun together!! I wish you both so much happiness!

xoxo Keeley

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