Gabe & Kelsey’s The Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station Wedding!



     I’ve known Kelsey since high school and she’s always been someone who I saw as caring, sweet, and very hard working! So it only made sense that she would find someone who was also all those things! They both give their time to help and serve others with volunteering at the fire department and being a registered nurse! Its amazing to me how selfless two people can be and I loved how much their family recognized that on their wedding day. <3

Gabe and Kelsey have fun together. You can immedetialy tell!! During our engagement session was when I first met Gabe and really got to know these two as a couple. Gabe makes Kelsey laugh and roll her eyes sometimes when he’s being a goofball, but more so laugh! And I love that more than anything! I love that they both tackle life together with their drive and determination, but also have fun! Their wedding was Disney themed because they both love Disney and that really reflects that playful sweet side of both of them.

I loved serving you both Kelsey and Gabe! Thank you for making ME laugh constantly while working with you both!! I can’t wait to watch you two conquer the world together!! <3 Keeley



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