Michelle & Geoff’s Riverfront Wedding Day!

Upon meeting Michell and Geoff at their consolation, I knew immediately that I wanted to work with them. They are both incredibly sweet and both very much in love with one another. They share such a strong connection that you can see when they are together. And I just love that, especially when its with couples who I’ve never met before. Its a love that I can’t help but want to photograph.

 Michelle and Geoff’s day was just perfect. It may have been in early September and a little warm, but the trees right next to the Riverfront Community center were a beautiful orange color and started to fall. It complimented everything so well!! Michelle and her bridesmaids looked like they belonged in a fairytale when I was taking their pictures! I could have kept them out there for hours just photographing them in that beautiful scenery!

The details of their day was another thing I loved. Everything was so simple and clean, but so beautiful!  A lot of the people within their church community helped decorate and be part of their day, and I just loved seeing that. Surrounded by a community of friends and family, supporting and loving on them so much. Making it even more special for Geoff and Michelle!!

Michelle and Geoff, thank you for letting me capture your day! I loved getting to know you both and wish you guys so much happiness in your future!!






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