Nicole & Clark’s Jackson Hole, Wyoming Wedding!

Guys, how do you even go about describing an incredible experience that you had?  Something you’ll never forget. How do you do it justice? An experience and opportunity that you honestly never even dreamed of!!

Well…I’m going to try…

Let me start off by saying, this wedding was nothing short of a dream!! Every time I’m traveling somewhere beautiful (not for a wedding),  I always think to myself …if only I could insert a bride and groom riiiiiight here and take endless pictures of them. Anyone else ever think that?? Well…. This actually came true for me!!

Last summer I shot Addie and Greg’s wedding here in Ct, where Nicole and Clark were guests at! I’ve known Nicole for a long time! In school and we used to play sports together too! So it was a fun little reunion to be able to see her again! We ran into one another in the bathroom at the wedding and she jokingly said “do you want to come to Wyoming and shoot a wedding?”, I laughed and said something like “that would be amazing, I’m already there!” Cut to almost a year later!! Nicole had emailed me and asked for real this time, if I by some chance had October 6th free, and would I want to come to Wyoming to shoot her wedding…No, this was NOT a dream…this was real life!!

I’ve always wanted to travel to that part of the country, so without hesitation I said I was in!! And the planning began!

Because Nicole is the sweetest, she sent me a bunch of brochures and ideas of things to do! Which made me even more excited!! But I don’t think anything could have prepared me for the beauty I was about to see! We flew into Salt Lake City, Utah… which that alone was incredible. Flying above the mountains, and seeing all the salt flats!! Just so cool! From there we flew right into Jackson Hole, which I wasn’t aware that the airport was RIGHT  in Grand Teton National Park…!! Aka, YOU LAND NEXT TO THE MOST INCREDIBLE MOUNTAIN RANGE!! It was breathtaking. Everything in Jackson Hole was breathtaking!! I think we stopped about a million times everywhere we drove to take pictures of the scenery or the wildlife! I’m talking all the Moose (my first Moose I ever saw just walking across the cross town!!! no big deal!!), bison (my favorite), bears, deer, etc.!! It’s just incredible to see the wildlife free and roaming. I loved it so much.

To go along with the incredible views, I couldn’t imagine being able to also serve an incredible couple!! Nicole and Clark are a match made in heaven. They compliment one another so well! Nicole is from CT, but after visiting her best friend in Jackson Hole she decided she didn’t want to leave…I can’t blame her!! Clark is from California, but was working at a restaurant as a chef in Jackson Hole. He one day went down to the pizza place in the Teton village (where Nicole worked), and there he saw Nicole for the first time. Her beautiful blue eyes and dark hair caught his attention!! It was then he realized he had to know who this girl was!!

Fast forward a few years later to now! Stepping into a whole new adventure of marriage together! I just love their story so much. Fate completely brought them together which gives me the chills!! Nicole and Clark are so sweet, caring, loving, and funny together. And their day was unforgettable. Their ceremony was at Jenny Lake Lodge with the incredible views of the Tetons behind them! That day called for snow and cold temperatures, but it turned out to be sunny and perfect for them!! I just loved the vision Nicole had with all her details and GORGEOUS flower arrangements by Bitterbrush Farm & Flora . The spots she picked for pictures had the most unreal views…which meant climbing down to the bottom of Jenny Lake in wedding shoes (TOTALLY WORTH IT!!)!

Nicole & Clark, I can’t even being to thank you for giving me the opportunity of a life time!! You both are the best!! I wish you guys so much happiness and love!! I hope to come visit soon!!

x0x0 Keeley



You know its going to be a good wedding day when you spot some moose on your way to the venue!!

How beautiful is Clark’s ring?!! Its the Teton mountains and a blue sapphire to match Nicole’s eyes!! All the heart eyes, am I right?? <3

LOOOVEDD Nicole’s hair with all those beautiful flowers!!










This was my favorite spot of the day!!

How do I know that Clark and Nicole are a Keeley Abigail couple? Because when I asked them how they felt about water, they said “We feel great about it!!”! LOVE THEM.

And if the day couldn’t get any better…just wait until you see all these reception details!!



Loved this idea!!



  1. Ruth says:

    Re: Nicole & Clark wedding in Jackson Hole, WY.

    You took a fine photo of the groom’s beautiful wedding band with a mountain range & sapphire set in the band. Do you know where they got that wedding band? Could you pls forward my inquiry to them. I appreciate it so much.

    Kind regards,
    Ruth-Isobel in Ottawa, Ontario Canada

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