Katie & John’s New York City Engagement Session

Seeing how classy Katie and John looked together as they walked over to me before their NYC engagement session made my heart flutter!! Even with the hundreds of people all around them, they completely stood out to me like they were the stars in a 1950’s film! They already look so cute together, but they totally nailed their outfits and I was so excited about it!!

When Katie and I were planning this session and going over good locations, I’m not going to lie I was a little nervous about shooting in a city that I haven’t been to in years! But thats also the exciting part about my job! Exploring new places and trying to find those perfect spots with great light and awesome scenery!! Its also little things like this that helps build the trust your clients should have in you! Knowing that no matter what the situation is (busy places, new places, rain, snow, etc.) that you have their best interest in mind and always brainstorming on finding the very best for them! That way they can just enjoy the process!!

We found some great spots during this shoot! Some that were busy and then some where we were able to make it look like it was just them. And they just absolutely killed it. They were incredibly easy going, which I knew they would be, and I have so much fun with them!!

Thank you Katie & John for showing me around! I have such a blast!! I can’t wait to watch you guys tie the knot next year!!!

<3 Keeley



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