Hi there! My name is Keeley! 

  I have an obsession with dogs (especially my english mastiff, Kane <3) and elephants. I love stuffing, sushi, and pho, but have the BIGGEST sweet tooth!! Cupcakes and donuts are life. 

  I have a big family and they are so important to me (even if we can get loud and crazy)!!

  Traveling is such a passion of mine. It inspires me. I could stare at and photograph old architecture for hours!!

  I love anything thats rustic, vintage, and has character. Thats why I feel like Joanna Gains and I would be bffs. Plus #shiplap. 

  My faith is what keeps me grounded. 

  I call myself a grandma sometimes because I hate technology. I use a planner book (instead of my phone) to keep my life happenings together. I also just love to cozy up at home whenever I can and watch a good movie. 

  When I'm not working till late in my home office, I'm going to bed at 9....because grandma life! 

A little bit more about me! 

>> A few of my favorite things...